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ner of goods parts with the possession for a
particular purpose, and the person who receives them avowedly for that
purpose, has at the time a fraudulent intention to make use of the
possession as the weans of converting the goods to his own use, and does so
convert them, it is larceny; but if the owner part with the property,
although fraudulent means have been used to obtain it, the, act of
conversion is not larceny. Id. Alis. Princ. c. 12, p. 354.
3. In the Year Book, 21 H. VII. 14, the distinction is thus stated:
Pigot. If I deliver a jewel or money

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lly designed for large {IBM} {mainframe}
systems (e.g. {S/370} in the late 1970s), it has been ported
to numerous other {platform}s o

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* Inter: a » US Inter: IPA » /əˈbɔt/


  • Inter: past of » aby
    1. Inter: past of » abye

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