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ry last
every single

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epl. of {lubritorium}(pl) lubritoria(pl) lumbuspl. of {lumbi}(pl) luminapl. of {lumen}(pl) lunulaepl. of {lunula}(pl) lurespl. of {lure}pl. of {lustre}(pl) lustra=> {lie}(pl) lyings-inpl. of {lying-in}pl. of {lymphangitis}(pl) lymphangitides(pl) lymphom

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ly; admire greatly; covet;V (1st) TRANS enlarge, increase, widen; embellish;

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an2 duo1more than a yearyi1 du4for a time
at one time
one time
onceyi1 zhang1sheetyi1 lv4(adj) same; uniform
(adj) all; without exceptionyi1 xin1wholeheartedly
heart and soulyi1 xin1 yi1 yi4intentlyyi1 shou3(n) skill
(adv) all by oneself; without the help of othersyi1 da3dozenyi1 ji4 zhi1 chang2(saying) skill or proficiencyyi1 ba3 zhua1(v) grab; snatchyi1 pai2rowyi1 fang1 mian4one aspect isyi1 pang2aside
to the side ofyi1 dan4in case (something happens)
once (something becomes true, then...)
in one dayyi4 shi2temporary
momentaryyi1 huir4a whileyi1 yue4first month
Januaryyi1 fu2doseyi2 wang4 wu2 ji4as far as the eye can see (lit: look afar no bound)yi1 gai4(adv) all without any exceptionsyi1 gai4 er2 lun4(saying) lump different matters togetheryi2 yang4same
equal to
the same as
just likeyi1 ci4first
first time
(math.) linear (of degree one)yi2 bu4(single) stepyi1 mao2 bu4 ba2(saying) stingy; parsimoniousyi1 yang3 hua4 dan4nitric oxideyi1 yang3 hua4 tan4carbon monoxide (CO)yi1 jue2 ci2 xiong2to have a show-down
to fight for mastery
to compete for a championshipyi1 liu2(n) front rank
top qualityyi1 liu4 yan1in a flash, quicklyyi1 pian4piece
sliceyi4 sheng1all one's life
throughout one's lifeyi1 bai3a hundredyi1 bai3 er4 shi2 liu4126yi1 bai3 wu3 shi2 yi415 billionyi1 bai3 wu3 shi2 duo1 nian2more than 150 yearsyi4 zhi2continuously
from the beginning of ... up to ...
all alongyi1 pie1glance
glimpseyi1 wan3bowlyi2 mi4first secretaryyi1 jie2 shi1stanzayi4 pian1one-sidedyi1 xi4 lie4a series of
(adj) a collection ofyi1 xian4 wei2 guang1gleamyi1 qun2gang
regimentyi1 bi4 zhi1 li4(lend) a helping handyi1 zhi4unanimous
identical (views or opinions)yi1 zhi4 zi4consistent phonogram(s)yi1 zhi4 xing4consistencyyi1 zhi4 xing4 xiao4 ying4consistency effectyi1 zh

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редварительную версию программы или ОС; см. beta

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RGLARY, crim. law. The breaking and entering the house of another in the
night time, with. intent to commit a felony therein, whether the felony be
actually committed or not. 3 Inst. 63; 1 Hale, 549; 1 Hawk. c. 38, s. 1; 4
Bl. Com. 224; 2 East, P. C. C. 15, s. 1, p. 484; 2 Ru

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profitable quarters.

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Inter: wikipedi » a


Inter: rf » t
  • Magical word used in certain Gnostic writings, relation to Greek Abraxas, a Gnostic deity.
  • It may also be a corruption of the Inter: etyl » arc term Inter: term » עבדא כד ברא|עַבְדָא כְּדַ ברָא|lang=arc|sc=Hebr, avda ked vara; “what was said has been done”; or perhaps, Inter: etyl » he Inter: term » עבראכדברא|lang=he|sc=Hebr, avra kedavra; “what has said has come to pass.”
  • It may also be the combination of three Inter: etyl » he words Inter: term » ארבע-אחד-ארבע|lang=he|sc=Hebr when it is read from right to left [].
  • The Aramaic is the source of the Avada Kedavra killing curse in the Harry Potter books.


    * Inter: a » US Inter: IPA » /ˌæb.ɹə.kə.ˈdæb.ɹə/
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    Inter: en-interj » head=abracadabra!

  • Inter: non-gloss definition » Used to indicate that a magic trick or other illusion has been performed.


    Inter: trans-top » used to indicate that a magic trick or other illusion has been performed
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    • Turkish: Inter: t+ » tr|abrakadabra

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    Inter: en-noun » -
  • Inter: non-gloss definition » A mystical word or collocation of letters from kabbalism, said to ward off disease or disaster. Inter: defdate » First attested in the mid 16th century.Inter: reference-book » last =| first = | authorlink = | coauthors = | editor =Brown, Lesley | others = | title = The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary | origdate = | origyear = 1933| origmonth = | url = | format = | accessdate = | accessyear = | accessmonth = | edition = 5th | date = | year =2003| month = | publisher =Oxford University Press | location =Oxford, UK | language = | id = | doi = | isbn =978-0-19-860575-7 | lccn = | ol = | pages =7| chapter = | chapterurl = | quote =
    1. Complicated technicalities, jargon that one does not understand much if at all.
    2. : I don’t know all the theoretical abracadabra about how it works, I’m only its pilot.


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    • Inter: ttbc » vi: câu thần chú, lời nói khó hiểu


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  • abracadabra

    Derived terms

    * abracadabrant


    Inter: fr-noun » m

  • An unspecified magical formula.
    1. Inter: historical » lang=fr A mystical word from kabbalism.

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