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s transmission from hand to hand, without regard to the
owner. See Domat, Dr. Publ. 1. 1, t. 5, s. 2, n. 2.
3. this is a generic term which includes all kinds of impositions for
the public benefit. See Duties; Imports; Taxes.
4. By contributions is also meant forced levy of money or property by a
belligerent in a hostile country which he occupies, by which means the
country is made to contribute to the support of the army of occupation.
These contributions are usually taken instead of pillage. Vatt. Dr. des
Gens, liv. 3, 9, Sec. 165; Id. liv. 4, c. 3, Sec. 29.CONTROLLERS. Officers who are appointed, to examine the accounts of other
officers. More usually written comptrollers. (q.v.)CONTROVER, obsolete. One who invents false news. 2 Inst. 227.CONTROVERSY. A dispute arising between two or more persons. It differs from
case, which includes all suits criminal as well as civil; whereas
controversy is a ci

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Commodore Bus

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Inter: en-noun » head=achromatic lens|pl=achromatic lenses
  • Inter: optic » s A lens generally composed of two separate lenses, one convex and one concave and generally of different materials, in such a way that the chromatic aberration produced by one is corrected by the other.

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