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onveyancer should examine with scrupulous exactness into
the title of the lands which are conveyed by his agency, and, if this be
good, to be very cautious that the estate b

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e company called {Phase 5} on 1998-03-09. The
following day, Phase 5 announc

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Alternative forms

* achromatise (UK)


From Inter: etyl » grc|en Inter: term » ἀ-||not|tr=a-|lang=grc|sc=polytonic + Inter: term » χρῶμα||colour|tr=khrōma|lang=grc|sc=polytonic


Inter: en-verb » achromatiz|ing Inter: transitiv » e
  • To deprive of colour; to make achromatic.
    1. To remove chromatic aberration from an optical system

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