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he shall require the same:) "District
of_____to wit: Be it remembered, that on the _____ day of ______ Anno
Domini, A. B. of the said district, hath deposited in this office the title
of a book, (map, chart, or otherwise, as the case may be,) the title of
which is in the words following, to wit; (here insert the title;) the right
whereof he claims as author (or proprietor, as the case may be in conformity
with an act of congress, entitled 'An act to amend the several acts
respecting copyrights.' C. D. clerk of the district." For which record, the
clerk shall be entitled to receive from the person claiming such right as
aforesaid, fifty cents; and the like sum for every copy, under seal,
actually given to such person or his assigns. The act to establish the
Smithsonian Institution, for the increase and diffusion of knowledge among
men, enacts, section 10, that the author or proprietor of any book, map,
chart, musical composition, print, cut, or engraving, for, which a copyright
shall be secured under the existing acts of congress, or those 'which shall
hereafter be enacted respecting copyrights, shall, within three months from
the publication of said book, etc., deliver or cause to be delivered, one
copy of the same to the librarian of the Smithsonian Institution, and one
copy to the librarian, of Congress Library, for the use of the said
13.- 7. Requisites after the grant. No person shall be entitled to the
benefit of this act, unless he shall give information of copyright being
secured, by causing to be inserted, in the several copies of each and every
edition published during the term secured, on the title page, or the page
immediately following, if it be a book, or, if a map, chart, musical
composition, print, cut, or engraving, by causing to be impressed on the
face thereof, or if a volume of maps, charts, music or engravings, upon the
title or frontispiece thereof, the following words, viz: "Entered according
to act of congress, in the year by A. B., in the clerk's office of the
district court of ___________________" (as the case may be.)
14. The author or proprietor of any such book, map, chart, musical