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If, for example, there be
several eye witnesses to a fact, it may be proved by the testimony of one
8. When primary evidence cannot be had, then secondary evidence will be
admitted, because then it is the best. But before such evidence can be
allowed, it must be clearly made

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Inter: la-adj-form » agamÄ«s
  • Inter: inflection of » agamus|agamus|dat|m|p|lang=la
    1. Inter: inflection of » agamus|agamus|dat|f|p|lang=la
    2. Inter: inflection of » agamus|agamus|dat|n|p|lang=la
    3. Inter: inflection of » agamus|agamus|abl|m|p|lang=la
    4. Inter: inflection of » agamus|agamus|abl|f|p|lang=la
    5. Inter: inflection of » agamus|agamus|abl|n|p|lang=la

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