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, whether he be a
stranger or the opposite party; in the case of a stranger, a subpoena and
attachment, when proper, must be taken out and served; and, in the case of a
party, notice to produce

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n : reproduction without the fusion of gametes [syn: {asexual

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a- ("not") + Inter: etyl » grc Inter: term » γάμος||marriage + -genesis


Inter: en-noun » -
  • asexual reproduction
    1. 1988, Category: w - :Alan Hollinghurst|Alan Hollinghurst, Category: w - :The Swimming Pool Library|The Swimming Pool Library, Penguin Books (1988), page 155
    2. : He was as touching and as confidential as ever, and I felt we must look like an old couple that by some dazzling agamogenesis had produced this golden-haired offspring.



    Inter: ia-noun » -
  • asexual reproduction

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