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eacetyleneDear me!Good grief!I say!Certai

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another. 2 Mann. & Gran. 155; 3 Mann. & Gran. 959.
2. In order to preserve equality among the states, in their commercial
relations, the constitution provides that "no tax or duty shall be laid on
articles exported from any state." Art. 1, s. 9. And to prevent a pernicious
interference with the commerce of the nation, the 10th section of the 1st
article of the constitution contains the following prohibition: "No state
shall, without the consent of congress, lay any imposts or duties on imports
or exports, ex

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v : take the initiative and go on the offensive; "The Serbs
attacked the village at night"; "The visiting team
started to attack" [syn: {attack}]

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From Inter: etyl » la Inter: term » aggressum|lang=la, past participle of Inter: term » aggredi||to attack, assail, approach, go to|lang=la, from Inter: term » ad||to|lang=la + Inter: term » gradi||to walk, go|lang=la, from Inter: term » gradus||step|lang=la; see grade.


Inter: en-noun » -
  • Aggression.


    Inter: en-verb » aggress|es

  • Inter: transitiv » e To set upon; to attack.
    1. Inter: intransitive » construed with on To commit the first act of hostility or offense against; to begin a quarrel or controversy with; to make an attack against.

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