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ovide political ammunition to police chiefs arguing for more resources.noun
[U] a medical condition in which sb partly or completely loses their memorynoun (plural amnesties)
1 [C, usually sing, U] an official statement that allows people who have been put in prison for crimes against the state to go free:
The president granted a general amnesty for all political prisoners. * Guerrilla groups have accepted the government's offer of amnesty and have begun demobilizing.
2 [C, usually sing.] a period of time during which people can admit to a crime or give up weapons without being punished:
2 000 knives have been handed in during the month-long amnesty.noun
[U, sing.] a medical test that involves taking some liquid from a pregnant woman's WOMB in order to find out if the baby has particular illnesses or health problems:
Pregnant women over the age of 35 will be offered (an) amniocentes

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Amercement \A*merce"ment\, n. [OF. amerciment.]
The infliction of a penalty at the discretion of the court;
also, a mulct or penalty thus imposed. It differs from a
fine,in that the latter is, or was originally, a fixed and
certain sum prescribed by statue for an offense; but an
amercement is arbitrary. Hence, the act or practice of
affeering. [See {Affeer}.] --Blackstone.

Note: This word, in old books, is written amerciament.

{Amercement royal}, a penalty imposed on an officer for a
misdemeanor in his office. --Jacobs.

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n : money extracted as a penalty [syn: {fine}, {mulct}]

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  1. A non-statutory monetary penalty or forfeiture.

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