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's the matter with you?
с БОЛКА на душата sore at heart. with a heavy/sore heart
причинявам БОЛКА на някого inflict pain on s.o.. do s.o. (a) hurt
не е БОЛКА за умирачка it's nothing to worry about, it won't kill you
казвам си БОЛКАта, разкривам БОЛКАта си pour o.'s heart out, state o.'s grievances; unburden o.s./o.'s mind
разг. have a good grizzleanalgesicabundance, plentyailing, sickly, poorly; frail; indisposed; languid
(за дете) delicate
разг. wonky, under the weather
изглеждам БОЛНАВ, имам БОЛНАВ вид look seedyailing health, infirmity; valetudinarianism
прен. morbidnesssick man. patient; invalidhospital
(училищна) infirmary