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  • Inter: rar » e Uncivil(ised) and in opposition to civil society; opposed to or lacking the features of civil society (for example, opposing or simply lacking civil liberties).
    1. 1905-1909, Matthew Arnold, Essays
    2. : ... to see the Antonines as they really were;—one may concede that the point of view from which Christianity appeared something anti-civil and anti-social, ...
      1. 1971, Gottfried Dietze, In Defense of Property
      2. : ... then the latter, by definition, can't be civil. They might even be anti-civil or a-civil. They must be incompatible with civilization. But this is simply not the case. As was shown, ...
        1. 2000, Leonhard Praeg, African Philosophy and the Quest for Autonomy: a philosophical investigation
        2. : In Category: w - :Leviathan|the Leviathan, Category: w - :Hobbes|Hobbes could only represent the pre-civil as the anti-civil, as that which lacked in every respect what was considered important in civil society.
        3. 2006, Jeffrey C. Alexander, The Civil Sphere

      3. : Jews were not stigmatized simply because they were held to be anti-Christian, but because their Jewish qualities were constructed as dangerous for civil society itself. ... What was insisted on, above all, was the allegedly anti-civil clannishness of Jews...


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