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ม่ แต่เกรงใจครูอยากให้ครูรักอยากให้ครูชม]V. be henpecked
sample:[น้องชายคุณเขากลัวเมียขนาดนั้นเชียวหรือ]V. admire from the bottom of one's heart

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Anticipatory \An*tic"i*pa*to*ry\, a.
Forecasting; of the nature of anticipation. --Owen.

Here is an anticipatory glance of what was to be. --J.
C. Shairp.

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adj : in anticipation [syn: {prevenient}]

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Inter: head » en|adjective
  • Characterized by anticipation.
    1. : The children were all wearing anticipatory grins in the minutes before the cake was served.


      Inter: trans-top » characterized by anticipation

  • Spanish: Inter: t- » es|en anticipación, Inter: t- » es|en previsión

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