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lạc nghiệ

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Reproduction by special tissues without fertilization. Examples include parthenogenesis in animals (in which a new individual develops from an unfertilized egg) and apogamy in plants (in which the generating tissue may be either the gametophyte or the sporophyte). Apomixis provides for the preservation of traits favorable to individual survival, but it eliminates the longer-term evolutionary advantage of genetic contribution from two parents.

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n : any of several kinds of reproduction without fertilization
[also: {apomixes} (pl)]

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Inter: en-noun » apomixes|-
  • Inter: botan » y plant reproduction without fertilization
    1. Inter: botan » y plant reproduction without fertilization, meiosis, or the production of gametes
    2. Inter: zoolog » y animal reproduction in which the egg cell did not undergo meiosis or fertilization

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