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flower genus, 1706, from L. aster "star;" so called for the radiate heads of the flowers. ///

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Any of various chiefly fall-blooming, leafy-stemmed herbaceous plants (Aster and closely related genera) in the composite family, often with showy flowers. Included among the asters are many perennial wildflowers and hundreds of garden varieties.

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respite, r

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Aster [astr]nsf

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to give notice

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dyou devilabit!

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aster [ɑstər]

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me, airfie

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Aster \As"ter\, n. (Biol.)
A star-shaped figure of achromatic substance found chiefly in
cells dividing by mitosis.

Aster \As"ter\ ([a^]s"t[~e]r), n. [L. aster aster, star, Gr.
'asth`r star. See {Star}.]
1. (Bot.) A genus of herbs with compound white or bluish
flowers; starwort; Michaelmas daisy.

2. (Floriculture) A plant of the genus {Callistephus}. Many
varieties (called {China asters}, {German asters}, etc.)
are cultivated for their handsome compound flowers.

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n 1: any of various chiefly fall-blooming herbs of the genus
Aster with showy daisylike flowers
2: star-shaped structure formed in the cytoplasm of a cell
having fibers like rays that surround the centrosome
during mitosis

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Inter: also » Aster|-aster


Category: Image - :Kalimeris incisa0.jpg|thumb|Aster incisus (1)


From Inter: etyl » la Inter: term » aster|lang=la, from Inter: etyl » grc Inter: term » ἀστήρ|sc=polytonic.


* Inter: a » UK Inter: IPA » /ˈɑːstə/|/ˈastə/
  • : Inter: rhymes » æstə(r)


    Inter: en-nou » n

  • Inter: obsolet » e A star.
    1. 1603, John Florio, translating Michel de Montaigne, Essays, Folio Society 2006, vol. 1 p. 94:
    2. : by the changes and enter-caprings of which, the revolutions, motions, cadences, and carrols of the asters Inter: transterm » astres|lang=fr and planets are caused and transported.
    3. Any of several plants of the genus Aster; one of its flowers.
    4. 1969, Vladimir Nabokov, Ada or Ardor, Penguin 2011, p. 120:
    5. : On a sunny September morning, with the trees still green, but the asters and fleabanes already taking over in ditch and dalk, Van set out for Ladoga, N.A.
    6. Inter: biolog » y A star-shaped structure formed during the mitosis of a cell.

      Derived terms

      * asteroid

  • China aster Inter: qualifier » Callistephus chinensis

    Related terms

    * astro-


    Inter: trans-top » plant
  • Bulgarian: Inter: t- » bg|богородичка, Inter: t- » bg|димитровче
  • Chinese: 翠菊(cuì jú), 紫菀(zĭ wăn)
  • French: Inter: t+ » fr|aster|f
  • German: Inter: t+ » de|Aster|f
  • Greek: Inter: t+ » el|αστέρας|m
  • Italian: Inter: t+ » it|astro|m

  • Inter: trans-mi » d
    • Japanese: 星状体
    • Korean: 과꽃
    • Romanian: Inter: t- » ro|aster|m
    • Russian: астра {{f}} (astra)
    • Spanish: Inter: t+ » es|áster|m

    Inter: trans-botto » m
    Inter: wikipedi » a


    * arste
    • rates
    • resat
    • setar
    • stare
    • tares
    • tarse
    • taser, Taser
    • tears
    • teras

    Category: Category:en:Flowers -



    Inter: la-verb-form » aster
  • Inter: conjugation of » asto|astō|1|s|pres|pass|sub|lang=la

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    Inter: also » aster


    Category: Image - :Aster tataricus3.jpg|thumb|Aster tataricus


    From Inter: etyl » la|mul Inter: term » aster||star because of the shape of its flowers, from Inter: etyl » grc|mul Inter: term » ἀστήρ||star|tr=astēr|lang=grc|sc=polytonic, named by botanist Carl von Linnaeus (1707-1778).Chambers Dictionary of Etymology, Robert K. Barnhart (ed.), Chambers, 1988.Inter: R:Zande » rInter: R:Plants and their Name » s

    Proper noun

    Inter: head » mul|proper noun
  • Inter: taxon » genus|tribe|Astereae|the asters


    Inter: trans-top » a genus
    • Turkish: Inter: t+ » tr|yıldızpatı

    Inter: trans-mi » d
    Inter: trans-botto » m

    See also

    * Inter: pedi » a
    • See Inter: specieslite » nodot=1 for the many species




    From Inter: etyl » la|nl Inter: term » aster||star

    Proper noun

    Inter: head » nl|proper noun
  • A male given name

    Related terms

    * asteroïde
    • astraal (adjective)


      * stare



    From Inter: etyl » la|de Inter: term » aster||star
    Category: Image - : Aster tataricus3.jpg|thumb|The flower species Aster tataricus


    Inter: head » de|noun|g=f
  • Inter: botany » lang=de A taxonomic plant genus, within tribe Astereae - the asters.

  • Inter: wikispecie » s

    Related terms

    * Asteroid

    Proper noun

    Inter: head » de|proper noun
  • A male given name

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    Inter: es-noun » m|pl=ásteres
  • aster

  • Translation: es » áster
    Translation: fr » áster
    Translation: ko » áster
    Translation: nl » áster