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Pinch \Pinch\, n.
1. A close compression, as with the ends of the fingers, or
with an instrument; a nip.

2. As much as may be taken between the finger and thumb; any
very small quantity; as, a pinch of snuff.

3. Pian; pang. ``Necessary's sharp pinch.'' --Shak.

4. A lever having a projection at one end, acting as a
fulcrum, -- used chiefly to roll heavy wheels, etc. Called
also {pinch bar}.

{At a pinch}, {On a pinch}, in an emergency; as, he could on
a pinch read a little Latin.

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Inter: term » at|lang=en + Inter: term » a|lang=en + Inter: term » pinch|lang=en||tight squeeze


* Inter: a » RP Inter: IPA » /ˌæ.təˈpɪnʃ/

Prepositional phrase

Inter: en-PP » at a pinch
  • Inter: AU » NZ|British|informal|idiomatic By the skin of one’s teeth; only just; Deo volente; perhaps; if you’re lucky.


    * aphantic

  • Translation: kn » at a pinch