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51 Moby Thesaurus words for "at a standstill":
adamant, adamantine, as is, as per usual, as things are, as usual,
at a halt, at a loss, at a nonplus, at a stand, at an impasse,
at anchor, baffled, bewildered, dead-still, firm, fixed, frozen,
idle, immobile, immotile, immotive, immovable, inactive,
inflexible, irremovable, motionless, moveless, mystified,
nonplussed, out of commission, pat, perplexed, quiescent,
riding at anchor, rigid, sedentary, standpat, static, stationary,
statuelike, still, stock-still, stuck, stumped, unactive,
unemployed, unmovable, unmoved, unmoving, unyielding