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{To sit at}, to rest under; to be subject to. [Obs.] ``A
farmer can not husband his ground so well if he sit at a
great rent''. --Bacon.

{To sit at meat} or {at table}, to be at table for eating.

{To sit down}.
(a) To place one's self on a chair or other seat; as, to
sit down when tired.
(b) To begin a siege; as, the enemy sat down before the
(c) To settle; to fix a permanent abode. --Spenser.
(d) To rest; to cease as satisfied. ``Here we can not sit
down, but still proceed in our search.'' --Rogers.

{To sit for a fellowship}, to offer one's self for
examination with a view to obtaining a fellowship. [Eng.

{To sit out}.
(a) To be without engagement or employment. [Obs.] --Bp.
(b) To outstay.

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Prepositional phrase

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  • eating a meal, especially with others
    1. : sitting at table with a servant
    2. 1876, Lady Barker, The Kafir at Home, printed in The Eclectic Magazine of Foreign Literature, Science, and Art, volume 23 (87?), page 221 []:

  • : Inter: .. » . but anything would have been better than sitting at table with a thing only fit for a May-day sweep on one's head.