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In ancient Egyptian religion, a sun god, depicted as the solar disk emitting rays terminating in human hands. The pharaoh Akhenaton (r.1353-36 BC) declared Aton to be the only god, and in opposition to the Amon-Re priesthood of Thebes, built the city of Akhetaton as the center for Aton's worship, but Aton's religion is poorly understood. After Akhenaton's death, the old religion was restored.

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Inter: head » hil|pronoun|head=áton
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  • Romansch

    Alternative forms

    * Inter: qualifier » Rumantsch Grischun|Sursilvan|Sutsilvan Inter: l » rm|atun
    • Inter: qualifier » Puter|Vallader Inter: l » rm|utuon


      From Inter: etyl » la|rm Inter: term » autumnus|lang=la.


      Inter: rm-noun » m

  • Inter: context » Surmiran|lang=rm autumn, fall

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