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ially for saying, writing or painting sth:
The committee refused to attribute blame without further information. * This play is usually attributed to Shakespeare.
attribution noun [U]:
The attribution of this painting to Rembrandt has never been questioned.
noun sth:
Patience is one of the most important attributes in a teacher. * The most basic attribute of all animals is consciousness.adjective
(grammar) (of adjectives or nouns) used before a noun to describe it:
In 'the blue sky' and 'a family business', 'blue' and 'family' are attributive.
attributively adverb:
Some adjectives can only be used attributively.noun [U] (formal)
1 a process of making sb/sth, especially your enemy, weaker by repeatedly att

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Avowry \A*vow"ry\, n. [OE. avouerie protection, authority, OF.
avouerie. See {Avow} to declare.]
1. An advocate; a patron; a patron saint. [Obs.]

Let God alone be our avowry. --Latimer.

2. The act of the distrainer of goods, who, in an action of
replevin, avows and justifies the taking in his own right.

Note: When an action of replevin is brought, the distrainer
either makes avowry, that is, avours taking the
distress in his own right, or the right of his wife,
and states the reason if it, as for arrears of rent,
damage done, or the like; or makes cognizance, that is,
acknowledges the taking, but justifies in an another's
right, as his bailiff or servant.

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  • The action of an advowee, advocate or patron
    1. advocacy, patronage, protection

  • avowal