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n [C] someone who is travelling for pleasure, usually with not very much money, and who walks or uses public transport and carries a backpack//

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n : a hiker who wears a backpack [syn: {packer}]

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From Inter: suffix » backpack|er.


Inter: en-nou » n
  • A traveler whose luggage consists of a backpack; especially, such a traveler who uses hostels, public transport, and other inexpensive services.
    1. Inter: chiefly » New Zealand An inexpensive place to stay, often with small dorm rooms of 4-8 beds shared by unrelated parties; hostel.


      Inter: trans-top » A traveler

  • Dutch: Inter: t+ » nl|rugzakreiziger|m, Inter: t+ » nl|backpacker|m
  • Finnish: Inter: t- » fi|reppumatkaaja

  • Inter: trans-mi » d
    • Portuguese: Inter: t- » pt|mochileiro
    • Spanish: Inter: t- » es|mochilero|m

    Inter: trans-botto » m
    Inter: trans-top » A hostel
    Inter: trans-mi » d
    Inter: trans-botto » m
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