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1982, new punctuation symbol introduced for computer purposes. ///

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n [C] a line ( \) used in writing to separate words, numbers, or letters//

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A character () that is used in shell statements to quote another character (that is, to remove its special meaning to the shell). For example, if you want to use a dollar sign as a dollar sign, rather than as a symbol for end of line, enter $. From Linux Guide @FirstLinux

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Backslash [bakslaʃ]nsm

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se air
ВОЙНСТВЕН дух martial spirit
ВОЙНСТВЕНo настроение an aggressive/a belligerent moodbellicosityarmy, hostmilitantarmy
редовна ВОЙСКА a regular/standing army
животът във ВОЙСКАта army life
войски troops, forces
бронетанкови войски armoured troops
инженерни войски engineers, sappers
свързочни войски signal troops, (corps of) signals

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Inter: compound » back|slash, because it is sloped back against the direction of writing, in contrast to the common slash Inter: term » /||slash, solidus, oblique, forward slash|lang=en.


* Inter: a » UK Inter: IPA » /ˈbækˌslæʃ/, Inter: X-SAMPA » /"B{k%sl{S/


Inter: en-noun » backslashes
  • The punctuation mark \.
    1. Inter: computing » rare Inter: non-gloss definition » Used erroneously in reference to, or in reading out, the ordinary slash, that is, the punctuation mark /.
    2. 2001, James T. Bretzke, Bibliography on East Asian Religion and Philosophy, Edwin Mellen Press, ISBN 0-7734-7318-1, page 455:
    3. : Inter: .. » . I was trying to find a web-site for which I had been given the following address: Inter: .. » . I began to work backwards, removing first the last part of the address following the last backslash (/korjournal.htm).
    4. 2010, Lee Vance, The Garden of Betrayal, Random House (2011), ISBN 978-0-307-39035-6, page 25:
    5. : “So, do what I tell you. Open a browser window and type this in the menuInter: SI » C bar: F-T-P colon backslash backslash euronews dot net backslash...”
    6. : I pecked carefully at the keyboard as he dictated a URL that was about fifty characters long, Inter: .. » .
    7. 2010, Frank Barnas and Ted White, Broadcast News Writing, Reporting, and Producing, Fifth Edition, Elsevier, ISBN 0080953972, page 114:
    8. : Also, avoid submenusInter: SI » C that can confuse the audience—if you're giving lengthy Web site addresses full of backslashes, shorten it so only the Web site's home page is given.

      Usage notes

      * Sometimes used to indicate the beginning and ending of an area of words being marked for correction.


      * reverse solidus

  • slosh


    Inter: trans-top » punctuation mark
  • Dutch: Inter: t- » nl|backslash|m, Inter: t- » nl|terugschrap|m, Inter: t- » nl|omgekeerde schuine streep|f, Inter: t- » nl|schuine streep naar links|f, Inter: t- » nl|schuine streep naar achter|f, Inter: t- » nl|terugstreep|f
  • Finnish: Inter: t+ » fi|kenoviiva
  • German: Inter: t+ » de|Backslash|m, Inter: t- » de|Rückwärtsschrägstrich|m

  • Inter: trans-mi » d
    • Greek: Inter: t+ » el|αντιπλάγια|f|tr=antiplágia|sc=Grek, Inter: t+ » el|κάθετος|f|sc=Grek
    • Maltese: Inter: t- » mt|sinjal djagonali
    • Polish: Inter: t- » pl|odwrotny ukośnik|m
    • Turkish: Inter: t- » tr|ters bölü

    Inter: trans-botto » m


    Inter: en-verb » backslashes|backslashing|backslashed
  • Inter: computing » transitive To escape (a metacharacter) by prepending a backslash that serves as an escape character, thereby forming an escape sequence.

    See also

    * Inter: pedi » a

  • Inter: typography mark » s



    From Inter: etyl » en|nl Inter: term » backslash|lang=en.


    Inter: rfp » lang=nl


    Inter: nl-noun » m|backslashes|pl2=backslashen|backslashje
  • backslash


    * Inter: l » nl|omgekeerde schuine streep
    • Inter: l » nl|schuine streep naar achter
    • Inter: l » nl|schuine streep naar links
    • Inter: l » nl|terugschrap
    • Inter: l » nl|terugstreep

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