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n [C] a debt that is unlikely to be paid//

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40 Moby Thesaurus words for "bad debt":
accounts payable, accounts receivable, amount due, bad debts, bill,
bills, borrowing, charges, chits, debt, default, defection,
delinquence, delinquency, dishonor, dishonoring, due, dues,
financial commitment, floating debt, funded debt, indebtedness,
indebtment, liability, maturity, national debt,
nondischarge of debts, nonpayment, nonremittal, obligation,
outstanding debt, pledge, protest, protested bill, public debt,
repudiation, score, uncollectible, uncollectibles,
unfulfilled pledge

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bad debt
n : a debt that is unlikely to be repaid

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Inter: en-noun » head=bad debt
  • Inter: business » accounting A debt which cannot be recovered from the debtor, either because the debtor doesn't have the money to pay or because the debtor cannot be found and/or forced to pay.


    Inter: trans-top » unrecoverable debt
    • Finnish: Inter: t- » fi|luottotappio

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