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49 Moby Thesaurus words for "bad influence":
Jonah, Rasputin, Svengali, VIP, access, big wheel, court, curse,
eminence grise, enchantment, evil eye, evil genius, evil star,
five-percenter, friend at court, good influence, gray eminence,
heavyweight, hex, hidden hand, hoodoo, ill wind, influence,
influence peddler, influencer, ingroup, jinx, key, kingmaker,
lobby, lobbyist, lords of creation, malevolent influence,
malocchio, man of influence, manipulator, open sesame,
powers that be, pressure group, sinister influence,
special interests, special-interest group, spell,
the Establishment, very important person, voodoo, whammy,
wheeler-dealer, wire-puller

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Inter: en-noun » head=bad influence
  • something or someone that teaches others to do wrong or to make them have bad thoughts about someone or encourages wrong actions and thoughts by example
    1. : "girlfriend bad influence on my son, how can I get him to dump her" []

    Translation: et » bad influence