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53 Moby Thesaurus words for "badly off":
depressed, dire, distressed, donsie, doomful, down to bedrock,
embarrassed, evil-starred, fatal, feeling the pinch, fortuneless,
funest, hapless, hard up, ill off, ill-starred, impecunious,
in Queer Street, in adverse circumstances, in narrow circumstances,
in reduced circumstances, in straitened circumstances,
inauspicious, land-poor, luckless, narrow, ominous, on the edge,
out of luck, out of pocket, pinched, planet-struck, poor,
poorly off, reduced, sad, short, short of cash, short of funds,
short of luck, short of money, squeezed, star-crossed, straitened,
strapped, unblessed, underprivileged, unfortunate, unhappy,
unlucky, unmoneyed, unprosperous, unprovidential

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N. writing

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Alternative forms

* Inter: qualifier » alternative spelling badly-off
  • bad off, bad-off


    Inter: en-adj » head=badly off|worse off|worst off|more

  • In unfortunate circumstances, especially having financial difficulty.
    1. Inter: RQ:Orwell Animal Farm » 6
    2. : The animals were not badly off throughout that summer, in spite of the hardness of their work.


      * poor


      * well off

  • rich

  • Translation: et » badly off
    Translation: my » badly off