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orkers) giving help or support to the main group of workers:
auxiliary nurses / workers / services
2 (technical) (of a piece of equipment) used if there is a problem with the main piece of equipment:
an auxiliary pump
noun (plural auxiliaries)
1 (also auxiliary verb) (grammar) a verb such as be, do and have used with main verbs to show tense, etc. and to form questions and negatives:
In the question 'Do you know where he has gone?', 'do' and 'has' are auxiliaries.
2 a worker who gives help or support to the main group of workers:
nursing auxiliariesabbreviation
AUDIO-VISUALnoun, verb
to little / no avail (formal) with little or no success:
The doctors tried everything to keep him alive but to no avail.
of little / no avail (formal) of little or no use:
Your ability to argue is of little avail if the facts are wrong.
verb [VN] (formal or old-fashioned) to be helpful or useful to sb
avail yourself of sth (formal) to make use of sth, especially an opportunity or offer:
Guests are encouraged to avail themselves of the full range of hotel facilities.adjective
1 (of things) that you can get, buy or find:
available resources / facilities * readily / freely / publicly / generally available * Tickets are available free of charge from the school. * When will the information be made available? * Further information is available on request. * This was the only room available. * We'll send you a copy as soon as it becomes available. * Every