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Ball \Ball\ (b[add]l), n. [OE. bal, balle; akin to OHG. balla,
palla, G. ball, Icel. b["o]llr, ball; cf. F. balle. Cf. 1st
{Bale}, n., {Pallmall}.]
1. Any round or roundish body or mass; a sphere or globe; as,
a ball of twine; a ball of snow.

2. A spherical body of any substance or size used to play
with, as by throwing, knocking, kicking, etc.

3. A general name for games in which a ball is thrown,
kicked, or knocked. See {Baseball}, and {Football}.

4. Any solid spherical, cylindrical, or conical projectile of
lead or iron, to be discharged from a firearm; as, a
cannon ball; a rifle ball; -- often used collectively; as,
powder and ball. Spherical balls for the smaller firearms
are commonly called {bullets}.

5. (Pyrotechnics & Mil.) A flaming, roundish body shot into
the air; a case filled with combustibles intended to burst
and give light or set fire, or to produce smoke or stench;
as, a fire ball; a stink ball.

6. (Print.) A leather-covered cushion, fastened to a handle
called a ballstock; -- formerly used by printers for
inking the form, but now superseded by the roller.

7. A roundish protuberant portion of some part of the body;
as, the ball of the thumb; the ball of the foot.

8. (Far.) A large pill, a form in which medicine is commonly
given to horses; a bolus. --White.

9. The globe or earth. --Pope.

Move round the dark terrestrial ball. --Addison.

{Ball and socket joint}, a joint in which a ball moves within
a socket, so as to admit of motion in every direction
within certain limits.

{Ball bearings}, a mechanical device for lessening the
friction of axle bearings by means of small loose metal

{Ball cartridge}, a cartridge containing a ball, as
distinguished from a blank cartridge, containing only

{Ball cock}, a faucet or valve which is opened or closed by
the fall or rise of a ball floating in water at the end of
a lever.

{Ball gudgeon}, a pivot of a spherical form, which permits
lateral deflection of the arbor or shaft, while retaining
the pivot in its socket. --Knight.

{Ball lever}, the lever used in a ball cock.

{Ball of the eye}, the eye itself, as distinguished from its
lids and socket; -- formerly, the pupil of the eye.

{Ball valve} (Mach.), a contrivance by which a ball, placed
in a circular cup with a hole in its bottom, operates as a

{Ball vein} (Mining), a sort of iron ore, found in loose
masses of a globular form, containing sparkling particles.

{Three balls}, or {Three golden balls}, a pawnbroker's sign
or shop.

Syn: See {Globe}.

Bearing \Bear"ing\, n.
1. The manner in which one bears or conducts one's self;
mien; behavior; carriage.

I know him by his bearing. --Shak.

2. Patient endurance; suffering without complaint.

3. The situation of one object, with respect to another, such
situation being supposed to have a connection with the
object, or influence upon it, or to be influenced by it;
hence, relation; connection.

But of this frame, the bearings and the ties, The
strong connections, nice dependencies. --Pope.

4. Purport; meaning; intended significance; aspect.

5. The act, power, or time of producing or giving birth; as,
a tree in full bearing; a tree past bearing.

[His mother] in travail of his bearing. --R. of

6. (Arch.)
(a) That part of any member of a building which rests upon
its supports; as, a lintel or beam may have four
inches of bearing upon the wall.
(b) The portion of a support on which anything rests.
(c) Improperly, the unsupported span; as, the beam has
twenty feet of bearing between its supports.

7. (Mach.)
(a) The part of an axle or shaft in contact with its
support, collar, or boxing; the journal.
(b) The part of the support on which a journal rests and

8. (Her.) Any single emblem or charge in an escutcheon or
coat of arms -- commonly in the pl.

A carriage covered with armorial bearings.

9. (Naut.)
(a) The situation of a distant object, with regard to a
ship's position, as on the bow, on the lee quarter,
etc.; the direction or point of the compass in which
an object is seen; as, the bearing of the cape was W.
N. W.
(b) pl. The widest part of a vessel below the plank-sheer.
(c) pl. The line of flotation of a vessel when properly
trimmed with cargo or ballast.

{Ball bearings}. See under {Ball}.

{To bring one to his bearings}, to bring one to his senses.

{To lose one's bearings}, to become bewildered.

{To take bearings}, to ascertain by the compass the position
of an object; to ascertain the relation of one object or
place to another; to ascertain one's position by reference
to landmarks or to the compass; hence (Fig.), to ascertain
the condition of things when one is in trouble or

Syn: Deportment; gesture; mien; behavior; manner; carriage;
demeanor; port; conduct; direction; relation; tendency;

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