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41 Moby Thesaurus words for "bantering":
booing, catcalling, chaffing, derisive, derisory, fleering,
flippant, fooling, grinning, hazing, hissing, hooting, jeering,
jesting, joking, jollying, joshing, kidding, leering, mocking,
panning, quizzical, ragging, railing, rallying, razzing, ribbing,
ridiculing, roasting, scoffing, smart, smart-alecky, smart-ass,
smirking, sneering, snickering, sniggering, snorting, taunting,
teasing, twitting

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Banter \Ban"ter\, v. t. [ imp. & p. p. {Bantered}(?); p. pr. &
vb. n. {Bantering}.] [Prob. corrupted fr. F. badiner to joke,
or perh. fr. E. bandy to beat to and fro. See {Badinage}, and
cf. {Barter} fr. OF. barater.]
1. To address playful good-natured ridicule to, -- the person
addressed, or something pertaining to him, being the
subject of the jesting; to rally; as, he bantered me about
my credulity.

Hag-ridden by my own fancy all night, and then
bantered on my haggard looks the next day. --W.

2. To jest about; to ridicule in speaking of, as some trait,
habit, characteristic, and the like. [Archaic]

If they banter your regularity, order, and love of
study, banter in return their neglect of them.

3. To delude or trick, -- esp. by way of jest. [Obs.]

We diverted ourselves with bantering several poor
scholars with hopes of being at least his lordship's
chaplain. --De Foe.

4. To challenge or defy to a match. [Colloq. Southern and
Western U.S.]

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adj : cleverly amusing in tone; "a bantering tone"; "facetious
remarks"; "tongue-in-cheek advice" [syn: {facetious}, {tongue-in-cheek}]

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Inter: en-nou » n
  • teasing
    1. joking
    2. jesting



  • Inter: present participle of » banter


    Inter: en-ad » j

  • That teases

    Derived terms

    * banteringly

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