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bandage, dressing

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From Inter: etyl » poz-mly-pro|ms Inter: recons » bəbət|lang=poz-mly-pro, from Inter: etyl » poz-pro|ms Inter: recons » bəjbəj|lang=poz-pro, from Inter: etyl » map-pro|ms Inter: recons » bəjbəj|lang=map-pro.

Alternative forms

* Inter: l » ms|ببت|sc=Arab


* Inter: IPA » /bəbat/|lang=ms
  • Inter: rhymes » əbat|bat|at|lang=ms


    Inter: head » ms|noun|Jawi spelling|{{l|ms|ببت|sc=Arab}}

  • band Inter: gloss » strip of material wrapped around things to hold them together

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