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From Inter: prefix » be|foe, modelled after Inter: term » befriend.


Inter: en-verb » befoes|befoeing|befoed
  • Inter: ambitransitiv » e To make or become a foe.
    1. 2008, John Tarolli, Road Warriors:
    2. : Take it from me; it is helpful to remain buoyant when identifying fish to befriend or "befoe."
    3. Inter: ambitransitiv » e To treat or behave as a foe; be hostile towards.
    4. 1874, Andrew Archibald Paton, Henry Beyle (otherwise de Stendahl):
    5. : What will the great coming Russian revolution do? Will it destroy the aristocracy, as in France, or will it leave it standing? Will it befriend or befoe the large non-Russian element of the western provinces?
    6. 1953, Charlotte Ida McDow Rodman, The McDow family in America:

  • : M. C. Witherspoon in the presence of each other Witnessed the due execution thereof. J. J. McMullan Sworn to befoe me this 21st day of Jan. 1842.


    * Inter: l » en|befriend