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  • Inter: dated » dialectal|Ireland by God
    1. Inter: quote-book » year=1894|author=Arthur Morrison|title=Martin Hewitt, Investigator|chapter=|edition=|url=

    |passage=I spake to the polis, an' they laff at me, begob.
  • Inter: quote-book » year=1922|author=P. G. Wodehouse|title=Right Ho, Jeeves|chapter=|edition=|url=

  • |passage=Two Irishmen, Pat and Mike, were walking along Broadway, and one said to the other, 'Begorrah, the race is not always to the swift,' and the other replied, 'Faith and begob, education is a drawing out, not a putting in.'"
    1. 1922, Inter: w » James Joyce, Category: w - :Ulysses (novel)|Ulysses Episode 12, The Cyclops
    2. : So anyhow Terry brought the three pints Joe was standing and begob the sight nearly left my eyes when I saw him land out a quid O, as true as I'm telling you

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