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Hopper \Hop"per\, n. [See 1st {Hop}.]
1. One who, or that which, hops.

2. A chute, box, or receptacle, usually funnel-shaped with an
opening at the lower part, for delivering or feeding any
material, as to a machine; as, the wooden box with its
trough through which grain passes into a mill by joining
or shaking, or a funnel through which fuel passes into a
furnace, or coal, etc., into a car.

3. (Mus.) See {Grasshopper}, 2.

4. pl. A game. See {Hopscotch}. --Johnson.

5. (Zo["o]l.)
(a) See {Grasshopper}, and {Frog hopper}, {Grape hopper},
{Leaf hopper}, {Tree hopper}, under {Frog}, {Grape},
{Leaf}, and {Tree}.
(b) The larva of a cheese fly.

6. (Naut.) A vessel for carrying waste, garbage, etc., out to
sea, so constructed as to discharge its load by a
mechanical contrivance; -- called also {dumping scow}.

{Bell and hopper} (Metal.), the apparatus at the top of a
blast furnace, through which the charge is introduced,
while the gases are retained.

{Hopper boy}, a rake in a mill, moving in a circle to spread
meal for drying, and to draw it over an opening in the
floor, through which it falls.

{Hopper closet}, a water-closet, without a movable pan, in
which the receptacle is a funnel standing on a draintrap.

{Hopper cock}, a faucet or valve for flushing the hopper of a