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U.S. research and development company (founded 1925) that develops telecommunications equipment and carries out defense-related research. Formerly part of AT&T, it now belongs to Lucent Technologies, Inc., which spun off from AT&T in 1996. Bell Labs has produced thousands of inventions, incl. the first synchronous-sound motion-picture system, the electrical-relay digital computer, the laser, the solar cell, UNIX, and the C and C++ programming languages. Several Bell researchers have won Nobel Prizes: Clinton Davisson, for demonstrating the wave nature of matter; J. Bardeen, W. H. Brattain, and W. B. Shockley, for inventing the transistor; and A. Penzias and R. W. Wilson, for discovering cosmic microwave background radiation. It operates today in some 20 countries.

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t), fix o.'s eyes (в on),-fix (s.o.) with o.'s eyes(за поглед) staring, fixed (в on)
ВТРЕНЧЕН поглед и stare; gazefixedly, intently; narrowlyfixityвж. втрисаdumbfounded, aghastвтрещя се
be dumbfounded' (от at)
grow dumb (от with)
ВТРЕЩЯВАМ се от страх grow dumb with fearrub inме be/feel feverish; have fever
ВТРИСА ме силно have a severe fit of shiveringfe