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n have had a bellyful of sb/sth// informal to be annoyed by someone or something because you have had to deal with them for too long// --I'd had a bellyful of his family by the end of the weekend.//

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28 Moby Thesaurus words for "bellyful":
bumper, capacity, charge, complement, cram, crush, engorgement,
fill, full house, full measure, fullness, glut, jam up, lading,
load, more than enough, mouthful, repletion, satiation, satiety,
satisfaction, saturatedness, saturation, saturation point, skinful,
snootful, supersaturation, surfeit

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Bellyful \Bel"ly*ful\, n.
As much as satisfies the appetite. Hence: A great abundance;
more than enough. --Lloyd.

King James told his son that he would have his bellyful
of parliamentary impeachments. --Johnson.

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n : an undesirable overabundance; "a bellyful of your

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Inter: en-noun » pl2=belliesful
  • Inter: informa » l An undesirable large quantity of something

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