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Beseeching \Be*seech"ing\, a.
Entreating urgently; imploring; as, a beseeching look. --
{Be*seech"ing*ly}, adv. -- {Be*seech"ing*ness}, n.

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adv : in a beseeching manner; "`You must help me,' she said
imploringly" [syn: {importunately}, {imploringly}, {pleadingly},

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Inter: en-ad » v
  • In a beseeching manner.
    1. 1868, Category: w - :Louisa May Alcott|Louisa May Alcott, Little Women, ch. 40:
    2. : Such heavy days, such long, long nights, such aching hearts and imploring prayers, when those who loved her best were forced to see the thin hands stretched out to them beseechingly, to hear the bitter cry, "Help me, help me!"


      * entreatingly, imploringly

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