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take up, to uncoil, to unre

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beseffen [bəsɛfən]
understand, realize
beawareof, beconsciousof, realize

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From Inter: etyl » odt|nl Inter: recons » biseffen|lang=odt, from Inter: etyl » gem-pro|nl Inter: recons » bi-|lang=gem-pro + Inter: recons » sabjanan|lang=gem-pro. Equivalent to Inter: prefix » be|lang=nl unattested Inter: recons » |seffen|lang=nl.


* Inter: a » BE Inter: IPA » /bəˈsɛ.fən/|lang=nl
  • Inter: a » NL Inter: IPA » /bəˈsɛ.fə/|lang=nl
  • : Inter: audio » Nl-beseffen.ogg|audio


    Inter: nl-verb » wk-t

  • to realize

    Usage notes

    Inter: term » |Beseffen is not reflexive, but occasionally it is wrongly used reflexively: zich beseffen. This is probably a contamination of Inter: term » zich realiseren||to realize|lang=nl, with the same meaning, but reflexive.


    Inter: nl-conj-wk » besef|beseffe|beseft|dt=t


    Inter: head » nl

  • Inter: nl-noun-form » pl=1|besef

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