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From Inter: etyl » da|is Inter: term » besyv|lang=da, modified compound of Inter: term » bøs|lang=da and Inter: term » syv|lang=da, modeled after Inter: etyl » de|is Inter: term » böse sieben||bad seven.


* Inter: IPA » /ˈpɛːsɛːvɪ/|lang=is


Inter: is-noun » m|besefa|besefar
  • Inter: context » card games|lang=is the card seven in certain games where it has special significance
    1. Inter: context » slang|lang=is a penis


      Inter: is-decl-noun-m-w1 » bes|e|f

      Derived terms

      * aukabesefi

  • utanveltubesefi (one who is an outsider, the odd man out)