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Bevel \Bev"el\, n. [C. F. biveau, earlier buveau, Sp. baivel; of
unknown origin. Cf. {Bevile}.]
1. Any angle other than a right angle; the angle which one
surface makes with another when they are not at right
angles; the slant or inclination of such surface; as, to
give a bevel to the edge of a table or a stone slab; the
bevel of a piece of timber.

2. An instrument consisting of two rules or arms, jointed
together at one end, and opening to any angle, for
adjusting the surfaces of work to the same or a given
inclination; -- called also a {bevel square}. --Gwilt.

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bevel square
n : a hand tool consisting of two rules that are hinged together
so you can draw or measure angles of any size [syn: {bevel}]