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Any of several species of all-black or nearly all-black snakes. Australian black snakes are in the elapid genus Pseudeschis. The black snake of Australian wetlands (P. porphyriacus) grows to an average length of 5 ft (1.5 m). If annoyed, it expands its neck, cobra fashion. Its venom is rarely fatal. Other Australian black snakes are the mulga snake (P. australis) and the spotted black snake (P. guttatus). N. Amer. black snakes include two species in the family Colubridae: the black racer and the pilot black snake (Elaphe obsoleta).

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Black snake \Black" snake`\ (sn[=a]k) or Blacksnake
\Black"snake\, n. (Zo["o]l.)
A snake of a black color, of which two species are common in
the United States, the {Bascanium constrictor}, or racer,
sometimes six feet long, and the {Scotophis Alleghaniensis},
seven or eight feet long.

Note: The name is also applied to various other black
serpents, as {Natrix atra} of Jamaica.