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1 [singular] BrE informal an excellent performance, especially in sport: --He played an absolute blinder!//
2 blinders [plural] AmE pieces of leather that are put beside a horse's eyes to stop it from seeing objects on either side: British Equivalent: blinkers//

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blind man

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Blinder \Blind"er\, n.
1. One who, or that which, blinds.

2. (Saddlery) One of the leather screens on a bridle, to
hinder a horse from seeing objects at the side; a blinker.

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n : blind consisting of a leather eye-patch sewn to the side of
the halter that prevents a horse from seeing something on
either side [syn: {winker}, {blinker}]

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  • Inter: comparative of » blind


    Inter: en-nou » n

  • Something that blinds
    1. a bag or cloth put over the head of a difficult horse while it is being handled or mounted
    2. A screen attached to a horse's bridle preventing it from being able to see things to its side.
    3. Inter: British » slang An exceptional performance
    4. : He played a blinder this afternoon on the cricket ground.


      * Inter: sense » horse's blindfold blinker, winkers

  • Inter: sense » exceptional performance cracker


    * brindle

  • French


    Inter: rf » e


    Inter: fr-ver » b
  • to armor; to reinforce


    Inter: fr-conj-er » blind|avoir

  • German


    * Inter: IPA » /ˈblɪndɐ/|lang=de


  • Inter: comparative of » blind|lang=de

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