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Uncertain. Either a substratum word, from Inter: etyl » sla|ro brebinu, or less likely from Inter: etyl » la|ro verbena.


Inter: ro-noun » m|brebeni
  • Carpathian toothwort (Cardamine glanduligera; synonyms: Dentaria glandulosa, Cardamine glandulosa).
    1. (dial.) fumewort (Corydalis marshalliana or Corydalis solida); syn: Inter: l » ro|brebenel
    2. species of the genus Anemone.

      Derived terms

      * brebenea

  • brebenel


  • Category: Category:ro:Plants -
    Translation: ro » breabăn

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    ==Scottish Gaelic==


    Inter: head » gd|noun form|g=c
  • Inter: form of » Plural|breab|lang=gd

  • Spanish


    Inter: es-verb-form » brear
  • Inter: es-verb form of » ending=ar|mood=indicative|tense=imperfect|pers=2|formal=yes|number=plural|brear
    1. Inter: es-verb form of » ending=ar|mood=indicative|tense=imperfect|pers=3|number=plural|brear

    Translation: mg » breaban