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a black bear

2 (finance) a person who sells shares in a company, etc., hoping to buy them back later at a lower price:
a bear market (= in which share prices are falling)
compare BULL
see also BEARISH
like a bear with

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Peace \Peace\, n. [OE. pees, pais, OF. pais, paiz, pes, F. paix,
L. pax, pacis, akin to pacere, paciscere, pacisci, to make an
agreement, and prob. also pangere to fasten. Cf. {Appease},
{Fair}, a., {Fay}, v., {Fang}, {Pacify}, {Pact}, {Pay} to
A state of quiet or tranquillity; freedom from disturbance or
agitation; calm; repose; specifically:
(a) Exemption from, or cessation of, war with public enemies.
(b) Public quiet, order, and contentment in obedience to law.
(c) Exemption from, or subjection of, agitating passions;
tranquillity of mind or conscience.
(d) Reconciliation; agreement after variance; harmony;
concord. ``The eternal love and pees.'' --Chaucer.

Note: Peace is sometimes used as an exclamation in commanding
silence, quiet, or order. ``Peace! foolish woman.''

{At peace}, in a state of peace.

{Breach of the peace}. See under {Breach}.

{Justice of the peace}. See under {Justice}.

{Peace of God}. (Law)
(a) A term used in wills, indictments, etc., as denoting a
state of peace and good conduct.
(b) (Theol.) The peace of heart which is the gift of God.

{Peace offering}.
(a) (Jewish Antiq.) A voluntary offering to God in token of
devout homage and of a sense of friendly communion with
(b) A gift or service offered as satisfaction to an offended

{Peace officer}, a civil officer whose duty it is to preserve
the public peace, to prevent riots, etc., as a sheriff or

{To hold one's peace}, to be silent; to refrain from

{To make one's peace with}, to reconcile one with, to plead
one's cause with, or to become reconciled with, another.
``I will make your peace with him.'' --Shak.

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breach of the peace
n : any act of molesting or interrupting or hindering or
disquieting or agitating or arousing from a state of
repose or otherwise depriving inhabitants of the peace
and quiet to which they are entitled [syn: {disorderly
conduct}, {disorderly behavior}, {disturbance of the

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Inter: en-noun » head=breach of the peace|breaches of the peace
  • Inter: lega » l The legal offense of engaging in public behavior which is violent, rowdy, or disruptive.
    1. 1823, Category: w - :James Fenimore Cooper|James Fenimore Cooper, The Pioneers, ch. 32:
    2. : The sheriff turned his eyes again. . . . "What have we here?" he cried; "two men boxing! Has there been a breach of the peace?"
    3. 1938 May 16, "Jamaica: Riot Act," Time:
    4. : Short of high treason, the gravest form of breach of the peace known to British law is riot.
    5. 2003 Oct. 24, Aban Contractor et al., "[ Why a world leader used the servants' entrance]," Sydney Morning Herald (retrieved 6 Oct 2012):
    6. : Four men and a woman were arrested and charged with breaches of the peace after a series of scuffles in which protesters and police received minor injuries.
    7. Inter: by extensio » n Any public disturbance or disorderly behavior.
    8. 1898, Category: w - :George Gissing|George Gissing, The Town Traveller, ch. 20:
    9. : Polly's suspicions were louder, her temper became uncertain; once or twice she forgot herself and used language calculated to cause a breach of the peace.
    10. 1912, Category: w - :Irving Bacheller|Irving Bacheller, ‘Charge It’, ch. 14:
    11. : Then, suddenly, the singing fell upon us and broke the silence into ruins. It was in the nature of a breach of the peace.
    12. 2009 April 2, Jasper Gerard, "Bucolic Britain is stirring," The Telegraph (UK) (retrieved 6 Oct 2012):
    13. : My rural ride continues, and on a gloriously balmy day in Worth Matravers the only obvious sign of a breach of the peace is a flock of geese lolloping out of the pond, on to the lane.

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      * disorderly conduct


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    Translation: et » breach of the peace
    Translation: ta » breach of the peace