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Inter: en-nou » n
  • Inter: Australi » a A party held for a man who is about to be married.
    1. 1994, Amanda Midlam, Muriels Wedding'', Penguin (1994), ISBN 9780140246223, page 1:
    2. : The bride's mother fanned her perspiring face with a serviette and the best man, who had been drinking solidly since the 'bucks night''', threw up noisily behind a clump of lantana in the backyard.
    3. 2006, Murray Engleheart, AC/DC: Maximum Rock & Roll: The Ultimate Story of the Worlds Greatest Rock-and-Roll Band'', Harper Entertainment (2008), ISBN 9780061133923, page 257:
    4. : Fort Arnott, it was a big week. He was soon to be married and a 'bucks night''' was held in his honour.
    5. 2011, Mark A. Bruhwiller, From Seven Hills to the Seven Seas: A Memoir of a Boy Adrift, Balboa Press (2011), ISBN 9781452502380, page 102:
    6. : My best man, Joe, had to be held up by his wife during the ceremony because he was still smashed after our 'bucks night''' the evening before.

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