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Alternative forms

* bucks' party


Inter: en-noun » buck's parties
  • Inter: Australi » a A party held for a man who is about to be married.
    1. 1991, Antonio Casella, The Sensualist, Hodder & Stoughton (1991), ISBN 0340549521, page 32:
    2. : Like the time he went to a 'bucks party' and didnt come home all night.
    3. 1994, Chris Harkness, New Guinea: The Wahgi Impact, Robert Brown & Associates (1994), ISBN 9781862730793, page 116:
    4. : Danny Ottley was getting married on the following Saturday night and the town's men were attending a 'bucks party'''.
    5. 2007, Sally Graham, As Black from White, Seaview Press (2007), ISBN 9781740084789, page 20:
    6. : We attended a 'bucks party''' one night. It was booked into a hall, with several of our friends employed as the strippers.

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