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(AmE, informal) (of a person) not wearing any clothes at all

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Inter: unreference » d
Unconfirmed. Theories include:
  • Anglo-American colonists' slang term describing young Indian men (sometimes described as young bucks), who in warm weather often hunted and fought without clothing
  • From the phrase ""as naked as a buck deer" (similar to the phrase "naked as a jay-bird" and reinforced in its usage by the fact that the hair of a deer is similar in color to tanned human skin)
  • Bowdlerization of Inter: term » butt naked
  • From a mishearing of Inter: term » butt naked

    Alternative forms

    * buck-naked


    buck naked

  • Inter: idiomati » c Completely naked.
    1. Inter: idiomati » c Naked but for a waist band with knife sheath, arm bands, footwear, weapons in hand, etc.


      * butt naked

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