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1889, Amer.Eng., from bakhara (1827), from Sp. vaquero "cowboy," from vaca "cow." Spelling altered by infl. of buck. ///

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n [C] AmE informal [Date: 1800-1900; Language: Spanish; Origin: vaquero 'cowboy'; influenced by BUCK1]// a cowboy - used especially when talking to children//

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53 Moby Thesaurus words for "buckaroo":
breaker, breeder, broncobuster, caballero, cattleman, cavalier,
cavalryman, chevalier, circus rider, cow keeper, cowboy, cowgirl,
cowman, cowpuncher, dairy farmer, dairyman, equerry, equestrian,
equestrienne, farrier, gaucho, grazier, groom, horse soldier,
horseback rider, horsebacker, horseman, horseshoer, horsewoman,
hostler, jockey, knight, mounted policeman, postboy, postilion,
puncher, rancher, ranchero, ranchman, rider, roughrider, sheepman,
stableboy, stableman, steeplechaser, stock raiser, stockbreeder,
stockkeeper, stockman, tamer, trainer, trick rider, vaquero

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n : local names for a cowboy (`vaquero' is used especially in
southwestern and central Texas and `buckaroo' is used
especially in California) [syn: {vaquero}, {buckeroo}]

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1889, derived from Inter: etyl » es Inter: term » vaquero|lang=es||cowboy, from Inter: term » vaca|lang=es||cow, from Latin Inter: term » vacca|lang=la, plus Inter: etyl » es Inter: term » -ero|lang=es||-er. Spelling influenced by Inter: term » buck.
Category: Image - :Cowboyboot_heals_buckaroo-.jpg|thumbnail|Several examples of the heels on buckaroo-style cowboy boots.

Alternative forms

* buckeroo


Inter: en-nou » n
  • A cowboy, specifically, a working cowboy who generally does not do rodeos.
    1. 2005, Category: w - :Brokeback Mountain|Brokeback Mountain, 00:51:25:
    2. : "No thanks, cowboy. If I was to let every rodeo hand I pulled a bull off of buy me liquor, I'd have been an alcoholic long ago. Pullin' bulls off of you buckaroos is just my job. So save your money for your next entry fee, cowboy."
    3. One who sports a distinctive buckaroo style of cowboy clothing, boots, and heritage.
    4. : Many cowboy poets have a buckaroo look and feel about them.
    5. A style of cowboy boot with a high and uniquely tapered heel.
    6. A reckless, headstrong person.
    7. : Don’t run in looking for a fight like some kind of buckaroo.
    8. Inter: slan » g A dollar (variation of buck).
    9. : That’ll be twenty buckaroos, buddy.

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