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Member of black cavalry regiments of the U.S. Army who served in the W U.S. 1867-96. An 1866 law authorized the Army to form cavalry and infantry regiments of black men, under the command of white officers. Their primary charge was controlling Indians in the W frontier (the nickname "buffalo" was given by the Indians). The soldiers took part in almost 200 engagements. Noted for their courage and discipline, they had the Army's lowest desertion and court-martial rates. One of the 10th Cavalry's officers was J. Pershing, whose nickname Black Jack reflected his advocacy of black troops.

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  • Inter: U » S Inter: militar » y Inter: historica » l An African-American soldier in the US Army, serving in one of a number of segregated units under white officers, in the period after the US Civil War up to the final racial integration of the US military, at the end of the Korean War.

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