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Alternative forms

* bugaboo


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  • A mythical, nocturnal creature; a hobgoblin.
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    |author=William Kenrick
    |title=London review of English and foreign literature
    |passage=The German ubu, as well as the French bibou, is also used for bug-a-boo, hobgoblin, or any other fantastical, terrific nocturnal object.
    1. Any imagined fear or threat, or a fear presumed larger than it really is.
    2. 1949 - George R. Stewart Category: w - :Earth_Abides|Earth Abides, p. 80
    3. : ...a fear had come upon them, and they had a kind of bug-a-boo terror about roving gangsters.
    4. Inter: quote-book »

    |author=Gerald Stanley Lee
    |isbn=0554347180, 9780554347189
    |passage=There is the Goody-good Bug-a-boo, the Consistency Bug-a-boo, and the Bug-a-boo that Thomas Jefferson if he were living now, would never never ride in a carriage.
    Each of these bug-a-boos in the general mistiness and muddleheadedness of the time can be seen going about, saying "Boo! Boo!" to this democracy ...

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