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c.1350, abbreviation of buglehorn "drinking horn, hunting horn" (c.1300), from O.Fr. bugle "wild ox, buffalo," from L. buculus "heifer, young ox," dim. of bos "ox, cow." ///

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n [C] [Date: 1300-1400; Origin: bugle horn 'instrument made from buffalo horn, bugle' (13-16 centuries), from bugle 'buffalo' (13-17 centuries), from Old French, from Latin buculus, from bos 'ox, cow']// a musical instrument like a trumpet, which is used in the army to call soldiers// -- bugler n [C] //

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Soprano brass instrument historically used for hunting and military signaling. It developed from an 18th-cent. semicircular German hunting horn with widely expanding bore. In the 19th cent. the semicircle was reshaped into an oblong double loop. Natural bugles use only harmonics 2-6 (producing tones of the C triad) in their calls ("Reveille," "Taps," etc.). The keyed bugle, patented in 1810, has six sideholes and keys which give it a complete chromatic scale. In the 1820s valves were added to produce the flugelhorn and, in lower ranges, the baritone, euphonium, and saxhorns.

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100 Moby Thesaurus words for "bugle":
alpenhorn, alphorn, althorn, alto horn, antlia, bagpipe,
ballad horn, baritone, bass horn, bay, beak, beep, beezer, bell,
bill, blare, blast, blat, blow, blow a horn, blow the horn,
brass choir, brass wind, brass-wind instrument, brasses, bray,
bugle horn, carillon, clarion, conk, cornet, cornet-a-pistons,
corno di caccia, cornopean, doodle, double-bell euphonium,
double-tongue, euphonium, fife, flute, helicon, honk, horn,
hunting horn, key trumpet, lip, lituus, lur, mellophone, muffle,
muzzle, nares, neb, nib, nose, nostrils, nozzle, olfactory organ,
ophicleide, orchestral horn, peal, pecker, pipe, pocket trumpet,
post horn, proboscis, rhinarium, rostrum, sackbut, saxhorn,
saxtuba, schnozzle, serpent, shriek, slide trombone, sliphorn,
smeller, snoot, snout, sound, sound a tattoo, sound taps,
sousaphone, squeal, tenor tuba, tongue, toot, tootle,
triple-tongue, tromba, trombone, trumpet, trunk, tuba, tweedle,
valve trombone, valve trumpet, whistle, wind, wind the horn

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a musical instrument like a small TRUMPET, used in the army for giving signals

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Bugle \Bu"gle\, n. [LL. bugulus a woman's ornament: cf. G.
b["u]gel a bent piece of metal or wood, fr. the same root as
G. biegen to bend, E. bow to bend.]
An elongated glass bead, of various colors, though commonly

Bugle \Bu"gle\, a. [From {Bugle} a bead.]
Jet black. ``Bugle eyeballs.'' --Shak.

Bugle \Bu"gle\, n. [F. bugle; cf. It. bugola, L. bugillo.]
A plant of the genus {Ajuga} of the Mint family, a native of
the Old World.

{Yellow bugle}, the {Ajuga cham[ae]pitys}.

Bugle \Bu"gle\, n. [OE. bugle buffalo, buffalo's horn, OF.
bugle, fr. L. buculus a young bullock, steer, dim. of bos ox.
See {Cow} the animal.]
A sort of wild ox; a buffalo. --E. Phillips.

Bugle \Bu"gle\, n. [See {Bugle} a wild ox.]
1. A horn used by hunters.

2. (Mus.) A copper instrument of the horn quality of tone,
shorter and more conical that the trumpet, sometimes
keyed; formerly much used in military bands, very rarely
in the orchestra; now superseded by the cornet; -- called
also the {Kent bugle}.

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Kent bugle \Kent" bu"gle\ [Probably named after a Duke of Kent.]
A curved bugle, having six finger keys or stops, by means of
which the performer can play upon every key in the musical
scale; -- called also {keyed bugle}, and key {bugle}.

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n 1: a brass instrument without valves; used for military calls
and fanfares
2: any of various low-growing annual or perennial evergreen
herbs native to Eurasia; used for ground cover [syn: {bugleweed}]
3: a tubular glass or plastic bead sewn onto clothing for

v : play on a bugle

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From Inter: etyl » xno, from Inter: etyl » fro, from Inter: etyl » la buculus ("young bull; ox; steer").


* Inter: rhymes » uːɡəl


Inter: wikipedia » Bugle (disambiguation)|Bugle
Inter: en-nou » n
  • Inter: musi » c a simple brass instrument consisting of a horn with no valves, playing only pitches in its harmonic series
    1. An often-cultivated plant in the family Lamiaceae.
    2. anything shaped like a bugle, round or conical and having a bell on one end
    3. a tubular glass or plastic bead sewn onto clothes as a decorative trim
    4. 1925, Category: w - :P._G._Wodehouse|P. G. Wodehouse , Category: w - :Sam_the_sudden|Sam the Sudden, Random House, London:2007, p. 207.
    5. : With the exception of a woman in a black silk dress with bugles who, incredible as it may seem, had ordered cocoa and sparkling limado simultaneously and was washing down a meal of Cambridge sausages and pastry with alternate draughts of both liquids, the place was empty.


      * Inter: sense » shaped like a bugle cone, funnel


      * musical instrument

      Derived terms

      * bugler

      Coordinate terms

      * trumpet


      Inter: trans-top » music: simple brass instrument

  • Bulgarian: Inter: t+ » bg|тръба|f, Inter: t- » bg|ловджийски рог
  • Catalan: Inter: t- » ca|corneta|f
  • Chinese:
  • : Mandarin: Inter: t » cmn|軍號|sc=Hani, Inter: t » cmn|军号|tr=jūnhào|sc=Hani, Inter: t- » cmn|號角|sc=Hani, Inter: t- » cmn|号角|tr=hàojiǎo|sc=Hani
  • Czech: Inter: t+ » cs|trubka|f
  • Dutch: Inter: t+ » nl|bugel|m, Inter: t- » nl|flügelhorn
  • Finnish: Inter: t- » fi|merkkitorvi
  • French: Inter: t+ » fr|clairon|m, Inter: t+ » fr|clairons|m|p
  • German: Inter: t+ » de|Bügelhorn|n
  • Greek: Inter: t+ » el|σάλπιγγα|f|tr=sálpinga
  • Hungarian: Inter: t+ » hu|kürt, Inter: t+ » hu|harsona
  • Irish: Inter: t- » ga|stoc|m, Inter: t- » ga|buabhall|m

  • Inter: trans-mi » d
    • Japanese: Inter: t+ » ja|ラッパ|tr=rappa
    • Latgalian: Inter: tø » ltg|strumpe
    • Latvian: Inter: t- » lv|taure
    • Polish: Inter: t+ » pl|róg
    • Portuguese: Inter: t+ » pt|clarim
    • Russian: Inter: t+ » ru|рог|m|tr=rog, Inter: t+ » ru|рожок|m|tr=rožók, Inter: t+ » ru|горн|m|tr=gorn
    • Scottish Gaelic: Inter: t- » gd|dùdach|f
    • Serbo-Croatian: Inter: t- » sh|truba|f
    • Spanish: Inter: t- » es|clarín|m
    • Swahili: Inter: t- » sw|buruji
    • Swedish: Inter: t+ » sv|horn|n
    • Thai: Inter: t- » th|แตรเดี่ยว|tr=dtraedìeow

    Inter: trans-botto » m
    Inter: trans-top » plant of the genus Lamiaceae
    • Bulgarian: Inter: t- » bg|срещниче|n
    • Finnish: Inter: t- » fi|akankaali

    Inter: trans-mi » d
  • Japanese: Inter: t- » ja|シソ|tr=shiso
  • Russian: Inter: t+ » ru|дубровка|f|tr=dubróvka

  • Inter: trans-botto » m
    Inter: trans-top » anything shaped like a bugle
    • Finnish: Inter: t+ » fi|torvi
    • Japanese: Inter: t+ » ja|ラッパ|tr=rappa

    Inter: trans-mi » d
  • Russian: Inter: t+ » ru|раструб|m|tr=rástrub

  • Inter: trans-botto » m


    Inter: en-verb » bugl|ing
  • To announce, sing, or cry in the manner of a musical bugle


    * trumpet


    Inter: trans-top » to emulate bugle
    • Finnish: Inter: t- » fi|toitottaa

    Inter: trans-mi » d
    Inter: trans-botto » m


    * bulge
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  • bügle at English (WD) Of Explained:



    * Inter: IPA » /ˈbyːɡlə/|lang=de


  • Inter: de-verb form of » bügeln|1|s|g
    1. Inter: de-verb form of » bügeln|i|s
    2. Inter: de-verb form of » bügeln|1|s|k1
    3. Inter: de-verb form of » bügeln|3|s|k1

    Translation: fi » bügle