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* bullbar


Inter: en-noun » head=bull bar
  • Inter: chiefly » Australia|NZ A welded framework of metal bars at a vehicle's front, designed to protect it during collisions with animals, but often purchased as a fashion accessory.
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    2. : Bull bars give your SUV a macho look, as well as add protection and versatility. ARB's bull bars for the Jeep Liberty offer all of the above, with added features that include Hi-Lift jacking points, auxiliary driving-light mounts, a provision for relocating the factory foglights and accommodation for Warn winches.
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    4. : I got the job of buying the after-market products, such as the bull bar and tow bar, so Ruth and I set out for ARB, the 4X4 shop at Caboolture.
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    6. : Front protection bars, known as bull bars, brush bars, roo bars, and even nerf or nudge bars are probably the most contentious piece of equipment that can be fitted to a car. In some countries they are banned outright.Inter: .. » .In some countries where risk of damage is very high, bull bars are considered essential safety equipment.


      * Inter: sense » protective framework at front of a vehicle kangaroo bar, roo bar, nudge bar, grille guard.

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