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Scoter \Sco"ter\, n. [Cf. Prov. E. scote to plow up.] (Zo["o]l.)
Any one of several species of northern sea ducks of the genus

Note: The European scoters are {Oidemia nigra}, called also
{black duck}, {black diver}, {surf duck}; and the
velvet, or double, scoter ({O. fusca}). The common
American species are the velvet, or white-winged,
scoter ({O. Deglandi}), called also {velvet duck},
{white-wing}, {bull coot}, {white-winged coot}; the
black scoter ({O. Americana}), called also {black
coot}, {butterbill}, {coppernose}; and the surf scoter,
or surf duck ({O. perspicillata}), called also
{baldpate}, {skunkhead}, {horsehead}, {patchhead},
{pishaug}, and spectacled coot. These birds are
collectively called also {coots}. The females and young
are called gray coots, and brown coots.